Why Solar?

Solar electricity is truly one of the best ways to combat rising costs of energy. By locking your electricity rates, or even eliminating them altogether, you'll be enjoying the savings for years to come. The average homeowner will spend more than $100,000 on electric bills over 25 years.

Just a couple decades ago we laughed at the concept of having solar panels supply our homes with electricity. We knew all about processes like can, bottle and newspaper recycling, composting, natural material building, and conserving resources. Many viewed solar energy with distant mystery, shocked at the cost, uncertain about how it worked and even why it was important.

Today, it is affordable and easy. With a tremendous amount of new energy resources and consistent reminders in the news today, millions of people are seeing that free renewable solar energy is no longer a possibility for them but is now becoming a real reality.  Solar power generates electricity at peak times when the electrical grid needs it most. For the consumer, this is great news for saving on your ever-rising electricity rates. For the world, it's great news for a greener economy. It’s a win-win for now and the future.

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