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SunWave Solar recommends SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels for your installation. SolarWorld produces the highest-rated, most efficient solar panels and manufactures them right in the USA. Finally, they back their panels with the industry’s best warranty.

As the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the USA, SolarWorld's Sunmodule solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability.

SolarWorld outshines the competition

While many solar panels look similar from the outside, they are not all made the same. As the largest solar manufacturer in America since 1977, SolarWorld applies over 3 decades of experience to continuously improve our products.

This attention to detail is evident when our customers call to tell us that their systems are outproducing their expectations. It also shows up in independent testing like the ongoing module performance test conducted by Photon magazine where SolarWorld panels outperformed all other major brand panels tested for the last 2 years in a row.


In addition to generating more energy, our Sunmodule solar panels are also more durable and reliable than others and can withstand things like snow loads up to 113 pounds per square foot, high heat and humidity, even 1 inch hail stone impacts at up to 50 mph.

Photon International test results

Test winner 2009 [PDF 1.1MB]

Test winner 2008 [PDF 893KB]



Because SolarWorld produces the highest quality, we can guarantee the best performance. That's why SolarWorld is the first solar company to offer a 25 year linear performance guarantee.


According to our guarantee, the actual power of a new module cannot deviate from the specified rated power by more than 3% during the first year; and afterward, the power will not decrease by more than 0.7 percent of the rated power per year. So at year 10, the Sunmodule's capacity is guaranteed to be at least 90% of the nameplate as opposed to the industry standard guarantee of 80%. 

PLUS SORTING: get all the watts you pay for


With plus sorting, SolarWorld only delivers modules that are factory-tested to meet or exceed their name plate power rating. By delivering actual power, plus-sorting ensures that systems operate at top efficiency which results in maximum energy yield year after year.

Sunmodule solar panels are also independently tested to strict international standards for safety, durability and performance

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar panels reduce the amount of electricity coming from fossil fuels by supplying your home with clean, renewable energy from the sun. By providing more energy and lasting longer than other brands, SolarWorld Sunmodule® panels are the best choice for cutting your carbon footprint down to size while maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Non-toxic materials

SolarWorld Sunmodule® panels are made from pure silicon, glass and aluminum. Our manufacturing processes avoid or minimize the use of toxic materials like cadmium and arsenic, which are used in many low-grade thin film panels.  SolarWorld factories strive to continuously improve these processes and lead the industry in sustainable manufacturing practices.

Minimal packaging

Sunmoduole® panels and Sunkits® systems ship with minimal packaging and most of it is 100% recyclable.

Recyclable solar panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule® panels are completely recyclable and we have a dedicated recycling facility so that they do not end up in a land fill. For a product that can last 30 years or more, that's forward thinking.

Made in the USA



What does it really mean to be made in America?

For SolarWorld, being made in America means more than simply assembling foreign components in the USA, which does little to benefit the economy. By carrying out the entire value chain in the USA , we are creating American manufacturing jobs not only at our factories but at our suppliers’ factories as well.

American components and materials

     · Raw silicon

     · Tempered glass

     · Aluminum module frames

     · Back sheets and embedding

     · Other direct and indirect materials

American manufacturing

     · Silicon reprocessing in Vancouver, WA

     · Crystal growing and wafering in Hillsboro, OR

     · Cell manufacturing in Hillsboro, OR

     · Module assembly, sales & customer service in Camarillo, CA

Why made in America is important to our customers

     · Highest quality products

     · Reliable delivery schedules

     · Local warranty and product support

     · Real energy independence vs importing 

     · Meets and exceeds Buy America requirements

     · Avoids environmental costs of overseas shipping

     · Money spent stimulates the US economy and creates US jobs

·         Processes meet stringent US labor and environmental policies

SolarWorld is investing over $500 million to expand US-based manufacturing, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year for American workers, goods and services.

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