Project Timing

A SunWave Solar professional will evaluate your property and give you their recommendations for your specific needs. Within 2-3 days a full engineering design specific to your system will be created and reviewed with you. Once approved by you we will order the required components for your job.

A solar electric system can typically be installed by SunWave Solar within two to three weeks from your order. Please note, however, that the time required for permits and incentive paperwork approvals vary by city and state.

The installation process itself is simple:

  • You place the order with one of our trained professionals.
  • SunWave Solar works with you to schedule the installation date.
  • SunWave Solar ships the complete system to your home or local
    installer's warehouse.Home owners admiring new solar panels on their roof
  • Our installer physically installs the system on your roof/ground mount rails.
    • Supports are attached to the roof at the rafters.
    • Rails are attached to the supports.
    • Solar panels are attached to the rails.
    • The solar panels are connected to each other and the cables are brought down to the inverter.
    • The inverter is mounted in a shaded area on an exterior wall or in the garage or service closet.
    • The DC cables are connected to the inverter and the inverter is connected to the electrical panel.
    • Appropriate labels are added to the electrical panel.
    • Any required inspections are performed by the permit office, incentive officials and/or utility representatives.
    • The system is connected to the grid.
    • You pay the SunWave Solar and submit the provided incentive paperwork.
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