Maintaining your system


Solar System Maintenance

One of the great things about a solar energy system is the very low maintenance. There are no moving parts, so if designed correctly, there are only a few things you need to do to keep churning out free solar energy:

  • Dusty solar panels will decrease your solar output. You may need to wipe off those panels with some mild soapy water with a squeegee once every quarter. Don’t use any strong detergents. Depending on your roof and solar configuration, you might even be able to do this with an extended mop or squeegee, and a garden hose without getting on the roof.
  • In dusty climates you may need to clean your system more often to get the most power.
  • Also be aware of bird droppings, leaves, or other debris that might fall on your roof. You should look at how trees and bushes have grown since your installation. It may be time to trim back some trees to make sure your system is not being shaded.
  • Put it on the calendar. Plan dates every year to take a visual look at your solar system to make sure it’s clear.
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