Determine What You Need

Getting Started

You've heard about solar panels for years. You've seen panels popping up on your neighbors' roofs. You've heard stories from people you know about virtually no electrical bills because of their solar system. So now you're starting to give solar panels some serious thought for your home or business. Your timing couldn't be better. With costs coming down and rebates and incentives available it's time to get started. So, how do you get started?

What do you want your system to do

What are your goals for your solar power system? Are you looking to be more green and reduce your carbon footprint? Maybe you're looking to eliminate your electrical bill completely or take a big chunk out of it. Before you get started, take some time to determine what you want this system to do for you. Your energy goals help determine the size and costs of the system.

Do some research

There are a variety of solar panel manufacturers offering a wide range of options. Do some research to determine what is best for you. Some panels are more efficient, some more durable, some cheaper and some with better warranties than others. The internet is a great source for information and reviews.

Just like any investment, it is important to weigh the costs and the benefits. You will find through your research that a solar energy project significantly reduces your electric bills, but also increase the value of your property.

SunWave Solar has done a pile of our own research to determine that we believe the best all around product being offered right now are the USA made panels from SolarWorld. There are other very good panels available that will also do a great job for you.

Get a free evaluation

 After you've determined your goals for your system, and done some research on the panels available it is a good time to get an evaluation of your site. A SunWave Solar professional will evaluate your home for energy savings and your site to determine the best placement for your modules and inverter to create the most efficient system at the lowest cost.

At this time, our solar professional will go through the system in greater detail and discuss any options that may make sense for your site. They may take measurements and will also discuss any possible issues that could reduce efficiency.

At the end of the evaluation, you will have the answers to your questions, a pretty good idea of the cost and be armed with enough information to make a determination whether solar is the right choice for you now.

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