Benefits of Solar

  • You generate your own pollution-free, clean electricity
  • Solar energy is renewable. The sun is a consistent power source.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint. A typical home system would eliminate almost 150,000 pounds of CO2 over the systems warranted life.
  • An average home (3 Kw) solar electric system will reduce emissions over the course of the 25 year warranted life of the panels by the following amounts:


 Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
 148,500 pounds
 Nitrous Oxide  375 pounds
 Sulfur Dioxide  1,200 pounds

  • Lock in your electricity cost over the next 25-40 years
  • Avoid 5-7% annual future utility rate increases
  • Reduce monthly spending by reducing or even eliminating your electric bill
  • Send the extra energy your systems produces to the local utility-grid for credit
  • Enjoy a 25-year linear warranty on solar panels and a 40-year design-life
  • It’s your power. Use it when you want
  • Homes with solar sell twice as fast as those that don’t have solar
  • Immediate payoff: for every $1 saved vs. last year is equal to $20 in increased home value
  • The time is now. Production costs are coming down, panels are more efficient and government incentives are very attractive.
  • Breakeven points are now between 8 and 15 years based on a typical system



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