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SunWave Solar makes going solar easy!

There has never been a better time to catch the solar wave. Not only is the price of solar components coming down, but also the incentives and rebates make it really affordable to install a solar energy system. SunWave Solar congratulates you on considering solar. Your system will save you money immediately, as you save on ever-increasing energy bills; in addition, a solar-powered home significantly increases the home’s value.

SunWave Solar will make the switch to solar really easy by walking you through all the steps to get the best-suited, most efficient solar system for your home or office.  Throughout the process, we work with local inspectors to make your system worry free. In fact, we’ll even take care of all the paperwork to get you all available incentives. Most systems we install will take less than 7 years to pay back.

A free energy evaluation will identify the users and abusers of your electrical energy dollars. An investment in energy efficiency coupled with a carefully sized solar electric system will free you from future electrical energy worries.

For professional solar installation with unquestioned integrity, make it SunWave Solar. Please contact us through Request an Evaluation or call us at 760-751-1900.

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"My wife and I were looking for a solar installation company that was trustworthy, competitive and informative. We definitely found that all to be true and more after working with SunWave Solar. Thanks to SunWave Solar, we no longer are talking the talk, we are walking the walk."
– Josh Steely, Lead Guitarist of “Daughtry

"The whole process was smooth, the design perfect with our roofline and the SunWave installation quick." 
-David M, South Bend

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